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Rt®-Silica BOND Columns

  • Versatile column ideal for analysis of light hydrocarbons, sulfur gases, halocarbons, and carbon dioxide.
  • Individually QC tested with sensitive C4 probes to ensure consistent selectivity.
  • Proprietary manufacturing process practically eliminates particle release, reducing downtime due to obstructed FID jets.
  • Bonded silica stationary phase minimizes impact of water, resulting in reproducible retention times for water-containing samples.

Restek’s Rt®-Silica BOND columns are robust, versatile, selective PLOT columns that offer excellent performance for the analysis of light hydrocarbons, sulfur gases, and halocarbons. Light hydrocarbon isomers can be reliably resolved above ambient temperature (Figure 1) and, in addition, carbon dioxide and other gases can be retained at ambient temperature on this silica-based column. The selectivity of this column also provides excellent separations of halocarbons, such as the chlorofluorocarbons shown in Figure 2. High loadability, inertness, and consistent selectivity, as well as unmatched robustness at a maximum temperature of 260 °C, make the Rt®-Silica BOND column ideal for the analysis of active unsaturated hydrocarbons.

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