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Introducing our expanded line of Solutions for Gas Sampling

Wide range of new cylinders & valves

Sulfinert® treatment protects active compounds

Unique, rupture disc tee allows east disc replacement

Metering control valve reduces pressure to GC injector



Sample Cylinders

  • All cylinders have 1/4" female NPT threads on both ends
  • TPED compliant cylinders available for EU community

Swagelok® sample cylinders are made of 304L and 316L stainless steel to resist corrosion and DOT rated to 1,8000 and 5,000 psig (TPED cylinders rated to 1,450 and 4,350 psig), which allows sampling at gas wellheads as well as on-site refineries. Each cylinder is hydrostatically tested to at leas 5/3 the working pressure.

Find out more by taking a look at our detailed PDF.

Sample Cylinder Valves (stainless steel & Sulfinert® Treated)

  • Multiple valve configurations, including dip tube and rupture disks
  • Large, durable, Kel-F® seat ensure leak-free operation
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 120­°C

Alta-Robbins' unique valve design incorporates a fully contained soft seat that provides durability and longer lifetime. Tight shut-off is easily achieved with very loq torque, yet the valve is rugged enough to withstand overtightening.

Multiple valve configurations are available for both high pressure and ultra-high pressure sample cylinders. An outage tube or dip tube provides a headspace above liquefied gases so that, should expansion occur with an increase in temperature, the pressure is not dramatically increased. Outage is expressed as a percent of the total length of the cylinder, with a maximum available outage of 50%. The dip tube is welded directly to the male inlet of the valve and cut to a length of up to 5.25 inches. Rupture discs function to protect sample cylinders from over-pressurisation by venting to the atmosphere. The pressure rating on the rupture disc should always be lower than the cylinder.

Click here for more details on sample cylinder valves, accessories, rupture disc tees, metering control valves and more.

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