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canistercleaningsytemHigh Capacity TO-Clean Canister Cleaning System

Improves Lab Efficiency

Cut Cleaning time in halfGet finished cleaning faster. The high capacity interior holds twice as many canisters as similar models, which lets you finish cleaning in half the time. EPA method TO-14A/15 compliant unit holds up to twelve 6-liter or twenty-four 1-liter canisters.

Easily create custom cleaning programmes.Create up to ten different methods using the on-board touch screen controller. Define the number of cycles, pressure and soak times, then save the method for later use. This ensures consistent provedures are followed and makes operation as simple as pressing "start."

Ensure performance with east, on-board diagnostics. With embedded diagnostic software, you can check for leaks and test valve operation at the touch of a button. Quick and easy system verification ensures effective cleaning. No separate computer needed.

Oven Control at your fingertips. Isothermal oven cleans both canisters and calves faster and more completely than a heating band system. Temperature is adjustable up to 110°C.

For more information, call us today on 01494 563377, whilst you can also find full details of the product here.

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