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Air Sampling

Restek Sampling Equipment Helps Assure Accurate Data

By Irene DeGraff, Air Monitoring Product Marketing Manager

One of the most widely used methods for ambient air monitoring, USEPA TO-15, specifies sample collection with a specially prepared stainless steel canister, followed by GC/MS analysis. Restek can support all facets of this or other air monitoring programs — from state-of-the-art sampling equipment to high quality analytical reference standards.


An inert canister surface is critical to obtaining accurate sample results. Restek offers a complete line of TO-Cans™ (Summa® equivalent canisters) which are electropolished and extensively cleaned prior to shipping to ensure a high-quality passivated surface for improved analyte stability. No weld marks on the spheres further reduce the occurrence of active sites. For reactive compounds, such as sulfur-containing components, a SilcoCan™ is your best canister choice. SilcoCan™ canisters are deactivated with Siltek® surface treatment ensuring exceptional inertness and maximum sample stability, even for low level sulfur compounds.

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