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ValcoPLOT Columns

bluecolumns2Reduce run time by replacing packed columns with ValcoPLOT HayeSep capillary PLOT columns. VP-Hayesep columns feature the widest polarity range, are faster than micropacked columns, and are water tolerant. Characteristics are identical to HayeSep packed columns.

VICI-Valco also offer Alumina and Molesieve PLOT columns.

VP-Alumina Aluminum oxide with KCl or Na2So4 deactivation
VP-Molesieve Molesieve 5Å, metal or fused silica
VP-HayeSep A High purity Divinylbenzene/ethyleneglycoldimethacrylate
VP-HayeSep B Divinylbenzene/polyethyleneimine
VP-HayeSep C Divinylbenzene/acrylonitrile
VP-HayeSep D High purity Divinylbenzene
VP-HayeSep N Divinylbenzene/ethyleneglycoldimethacrylate
VP-HayeSep P Divinylbenzene/styrene
VP-HayeSep Q Divinylbenzene
VP-HayeSep R Divinylbenzene/N-vinyl-2-pyrollidinone
VP-HayeSep S Divinylbenzene/4-vinyl-pyridine

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