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PTFE-Free Vials and Caps—Ideal for PFAS Analysis

Limited-Volume 2.0 mL, 9 mm Screw-Thread Polypropylene Vials

23242 23245


  • Available in 1.5 mL or 700 μL volumes.
  • Limited-volume design fits all 2.0 mL, 12 x 32 mm, vial-based autosamplers.
  • Compatible with all 9 mm screw-thread caps.
  • PTFE-free—ideal for PFAS analysis (e.g., EPA 537) and other PFAS-sensitive methods.

Note: Polypropylene vials and caps prevent sample contamination from PTFE coated septa. However, since polypropylene caps do not reseal, evaporation occurs after injection. Multiple injections from the same vial are therefore not possible.


Volume Units Cat. # Price £
1.5 mL       100-pk.     23242    £48.70      
1.5 mL 1000-pk. 23245 £463.05
700 μL 100-pk. 23243 £44.95
700 μL 1000-pk. 23246 £424.35


To order, please click here to email or call 01494 563 377.



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