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All You Need to Assemble an LC-MS/MS Infusion Rig

LC-MS/MS Infusion Kit


Everything you need to put together your own LC-MS/MS infusion rig has been included in this kit. It can be used with any LC-MS/MS and syringe pump—you can even Tee-in your LC mobile phase for the best signal optimization.

The kit includes a removable luer lock syringe needle for drawing your sample from a vial, tubing, fittings, a flashlight to check your spray, and even a tubing cutter to customize the length.

All components are individually re-orderable.


Kit includes:

Clean-Cut Tubing Cutter; Replacement Blade for Clean-Cut Tubing Cutter; PEEK Finger-Tight Fittings (2); PEEK Column Plug; Flashlight; PEEK Tee; Hamilton Gas-Tight Syringe, Luer Lock; Hamilton Gas-Tight Syringe Replacement Needles for Luer Lock Syringes; PEEK Connector, Luer Lock to 10-32; PEEK Tubing, Red (1/16″ OD, 0.005″ ID), 3m


Description Qty. Cat. # Price £
LC-MS/MS Infusion Kit Kit 25755 £323.65

To order, please call 01494 563 377 or click here to email




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