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Filter particulates to extend UHPLC column lifetime

UltraShield UHPLC PreColumn Filters

 24995 lca


  • Cost-effective protection for UHPLC systems.
  • Reliable way to filter out particulates and extend column lifetime.
  • Minimize extra column volume and maximize UHPLC sample throughput vs. guard cartridges.
  • Connects easily to any column with Parker-style ports; not compatible with Waters columns.
  • Leak tight to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar).
  • 0.5 μm or 0.2 μm stainless-steel frit in a stainless-steel body with PEEK ferrule.


Description Porosity Qty. Cat. # Price £
UltraShield UHPLC PreColumn Filter 0.2 µm frit ea. 25809 £67.50
UltraShield UHPLC PreColumn Filter 0.2 µm frit 5-pk 25810 £301.45
UltraShield UHPLC PreColumn Filter 0.2 µm frit 10-pk 25811 £532.30


To order, please call 01494 563 377 or click here to email



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